Polycart Analytics allows you to create a store traffic map

Polycart introduces the Polycart Analytics system at the Euro Shop Fair, which will take place from 16-20 February 2020 in Düsseldorf.

The Spanish company launches an analytical system, under the name of Polycart Analytics, based on the registration of the carts and shopping rolling baskets movements inside a store.

This system registers every movement of the trolley from its entrance to its exit from the establishment. In this way, any interaction provides data in order to know the buying habits of the customers and allows you to make decisions with accurate data.

Geolocation monitoring is mainly done through WIFI and Bluetooth analysis, together with the cart inertia measurement. Through the combination of these technologies you get an accurate calculation of the position of the cart.

Our software provides real-time data on shopping cart movements in a shop

A Big Data Analytics Software

Once the user's route data has been collected, the stay in the corridors of the establishment, and the customer's ticket, among other references, through a software the supermarket can cross-reference data and get customized reports.

This tool allows to know if the products are well positioned, get a traffic heat map at the supermarket and achieve significant relationships between product disposition.

The modular platform can be adapted to the needs of each client.

Allows you to forecast customer demand trends and anticipate them

The implementation of Polycart Analytics in supermarkets will not only improve the customer experience and optimize marketing campaigns, but will also make it possible to anticipate what the next customer demand trends will be.

Polycart Analytics combines geolocation and analysis to be an objective source of information for supermarket marketing departments