The spanish company Polycart has collaborated this 2019 with Red Cross and Caritas food programs in Valencia, with the donation of a small fleet of plastic grocery cart, to facilitate the distribution of food and basic necessities to hundreds of Valencian families.

Grocery carts as solidarity tools

Polycart believes that each donated shopping cart becomes a useful and functional tool for organizations that actively work in the food collection or distribution campaign, that takes place not only at Christmas but the 12 months of the year.

For Tomas Morcillo, Polycart Manager, “It is a pleasure to collaborate with an institution with a solidarity spirit, capable of disseminating human values necessary to mitigate social inequality”.

“Because we as a company have the obligation, within our possibilities, to reinvest part of the benefit in helping society and support initiatives such as the Red Cross food distribution Valencia”, adds Morcillo.

Red Cross

The provincial vice president of the Red Cross and president of the Commission of Social Intervention, Nieves Dios, for its part, has thanked the Company for this donation.

“For Red Cross this is a very original donation as no company had donated empty shopping carts, until now, and it is a product that is especially useful for transporting food during the deliveries we do regularly”.

“It also facilitates the collection and delivery to people with reduced mobility”, explains Nieves Dios.


Caritas receives plastic grocery carts for its facilities in Valencia

Carmen García Martínez, one of the coordinators of the Cáritas cooperative shop in Quart de Poblet, beneficiary of the plastic grocery carts, thanks to the collaboration of Polycart.

“Volunteer members so far moved food inside the store in plastic bags, that obligates us to force our backs, and thanks to the donation of these carts, we will be able to transport food properly”, points out García.

Local NGOs

Likewise, the Godella Citizen Solidarity Platform created in 2013 by the residents of the Valencian town, has also received some supermarket cars to be helped in its project.

For more than six years, the platform has helped more than 500 families living in poverty, and in some cases in a state of social exclusion, through the distribution of food and necessities.

Fourth generation shopping carts

All donated plastic shopping trolley, first of all, are considered to be a fourth generation grocery cart. And, secondly, they are made of 100% recyclable plastic, are very comfortable to handle, and have a great durability compared to metal carts, because they do not rust.

The Polycart plastic shopping carts, are used nationally by the main department stores dedicated to the agri-food sector and in supermarkets around the world, especially in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Polycart donates shopping carts to the Godella Solidarity Platform, as support for its social cause