Our company has developed the POLYCART POLYCART ECOCART e-180, a cart made entirely of post consumer recycled plastics, in order to contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact produced by plastic waste.

Ecocart, since its inception almost two years ago to its presentation at EuroShop 2020 in Düsseldorf, has tried to offer a solid solution, a sustainable and duly audited cycle that guarantees the post-consumption origin of the material used.

Therefore, one of the most important factors to develop this project has been the selection of suppliers. We currently work with two companies, Iberresinas and Basf.

Strategic partners

Iberresinas, with Eucerplas seal, supplies us with polypropylene, mechanically recycled and of 100% post-consumption certified origin, for the manufacture of the basket and other Ecocart components, without the need to mix recycled material with virgin or any type of industrial additive.
Our other partner, Basf, considered the first chemical company in the world, provides us the certified post consumer recycled polyamide to manufacture the Ecocart chassis and handles.

The material supplied by Basf is obtained through a chemical process based on ChemCycling technology. Mass production of recycled material through this technique will begin this year 2020.
This project promoted by BASF and to which we have adhered, constitutes a real alternative to the manufacture of products of recycled origin that need a high resistance and a long useful life.

Continuous improvement

The Ecocart project is continuously innovating to improve the appearance and strength of the product. Polycart continues to research into materials that provide greater mechanical properties to our cart. We are committed to the revaluation of used material, and believe in the real need to reduce environmental impact.

If you would like further information about the POLYCART ECOCART e-180 model, you can do it through the contact form on our website, or by sending an e-mail to: