Savings in Shopping Cart Replacements.

The long lifespan of the Polycarts means important savings in shopping cart replacements. This durability, more than three times that of the metallic and hybrid shopping carts, is mainly due to:

  • Lower steal rate since the Polycarts have no value as metal scrap.
  • Endurance against the environment. The Polycarts never rust.
  • Memory of the raw material they are made of. They never lose their original shape due to bumps.

Savings in Maintenance.

The incorporation of the Polycarts to the store comes together with an important reduction of the budget addressed to maintenance, both for the shopping carts themselves, as well as for the store fixtures. This is due to the following properties of these shopping trolleys:

  • Lower weight of the shopping cart. This entails a lower wearing of the castors, helping them also not to leave marks on the floor of the store.
  • Lack of rust. Total savings in rechroming processes for rusted shopping trolleys.
  • Memory of the raw material the Polycarts are made of. The chassis and the basket will always keep the original shape so the Polycarts will always work as if they were new, with the castors always well aligned and keeping the right nesting and denesting of the shopping carts. This means that the castors always work uniformly so there's a lower wear out of the castors and marks on the floor are avoided.
  • Much softer and gentle raw material than metal. This together with the lower weight and better manoeuvrability and control of the shopping cart considerably reduces the damages due to impacts on the store fixtures. It also helps to reduce the lost due to breakage of glass bottles when placed or transported inside the shopping trolleys.

Savings in Lawsuits.

Thanks to the rounded shapes and lack of sharp edges, added to its lower weight and the gentleness of the raw material the Polycarts are made of, these shopping trolleys minimize damage due to impact on the customers and their vehicles parked or driving at the parking lot.

Metallic shopping carts have the danger of the unwelding of any of the bars they are made of, becoming into sharp stabbing elements that run on wheels, with the added problem of the probable rust on the bars that would infect with tetanus the possible wound. This danger is avoided with the Polycarts.

The child seat of the Polycarts is designed having security in mind, with a triple seat back support system and with a basket design that prevents children to put their hands through the basket.

The use of the P100 Urban Shopper instead of baskets with wheels avoids trips due to baskets that run at floor level and which are not specially hygienic because they take all the dirt from the floor with their wheels and finally it ends inside the next basket when they are piled up.

The silence of the Polycarts also avoids possible lawsuits from the neighbours living above the store due to the much higher noise of metallic shopping carts.

Increase of Revenue.

The lightness and comfort of the Polycarts favours the time the customers spend shopping, which ends in a notable increase of the average basket and total income.

The tedium caused on customers by pushing a heavy shopping cart that doesn't go straight make them to abandon the store sooner and not to spend more time looking at other products but those they were already thinking to buy when they entered the store.

Protection of the Investment.

A shopping cart with such a long lifespan should be ready for the upcoming changes that the world of retail will face. The Polycarts are 100% compatible with automated check out systems through RFID tags.

Polycart - Самая познавательная тележка магазина. Новый источник рекламы

The most Communicative Shopping Cart

Тележка Polycart имеет возможность размещать на своей площади 4 рекламных щита на самом корпусе. Рекламные щиты полностью защищены от дефектов (трения, царапанья и т.д.). Поэтому тележка может содержать рекламные щиты как на внутренних сторонах, так и на внешних. Таким образом коммуникационность Polycart становится вдвое больше, чем у обычной тележки.

Display Panels

Рекламные щиты могут быть использованы для распространения следующих типов рекламы:

  • Внутренняя Коммуникация: Поздравления, даты открытия магазинов, условия приёма кредитных карт, условия парковки машин в специально отведённых местах и т.д.
  • Собственная реклама: Корпоративное объявление, Торговые марки магазина, телекоммуникационные услуги, путешествия, страхования, финансовые услуги и т.д.

Advertising inside the shopping cart's basket

Такая реклама – способ донести сообщение до клиента во время посещения магазина, и в то же самое время визуально воздействовать на него. Как правило, результат такого типа рекламы является очень выгодным.