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Ce site Web est la propriété de Industrias Tomás Morcillo, S.L. de résidence à Avenida del Mar 13, Polígono Industrial del Mediterráneo, Albuixech (Valencia), Tel: +34 96 141 70 01, avec C.I.F. B-96258496 inscrite au Registre de Valencia, Volume 4.788, Livre 2.098, Section Générale, Feuillet 166, Feuille Numéro V-32.397, première Inscription (ci-après "ITM Polycart").

Cette notice légale régit l'accès et l'utilisation des services de le site Web sour les domaines www.policarro.com et www.polycartgroup.com (ci-après, le "Site Web") qui ITM Polycart offre aux internautes intéressés par leurs produits (ci-après, les "Utilisateurs").

L'objectif du site Web est de diffuser les produits offerts par ITM Polycart travers le Site Web, Internet d'autres moyens de communication ou de diffusion existent.

ITM Polycart peut changer à tout moment et sans préavis, le dessin, la présentation et / ou la configuration du Site Web, et des certains ou tous les services, et ajouter de nouveaux services.

L'utilisation de ce site Web implique l'acceptation pleine et entière des dispositions contenues dans le présent avis publié par ITM Polycart au moment où l'utilisateur accède au site Web. Également ITM Polycart informe les Utilisateurs de ce site Web que ces Conditions sont assujetties à changement sans préavis.

L'utilisation de certains services offerts aux utilisateurs travers le site Web peuvent être soumis à des conditions spécifiques qui, selon le cas peuvent remplacer, compléter et / ou modifier ces Conditions d'utilisation


Conditions d'accès et d'utilisation du site Web.

L'utilisateur s'engage à faire usage diligent de ce et des services accessibles à partir de ce site, en pleine conformité avec la loi, la moralité et les conditions générales et, le cas échéant, des conditions particulières, et maintenir un bon respect des autres utilisateurs.

Il est expressément interdit toute utilisation autre que l'objet de ce site Web.

Regarding so, the User declines to use any content or materials incorporated into this Web Page with unlawful purposes and according to what is expressly forbiden in the present General Conditions of Use as well as in any of the particular conditions that if applicable would be stated, or what would be against the rights and interests of ITM Polycart, its members and/or third parties, and shall respond against them in case such obligations would be contravened or broken and/or that by any means (included the introduction o spreading of "computer virus"), would harm, make useless, overload, damage or prevent the normal use of the materials and contents incorporated into this Web Site, the information systems or the documents, files and any type of content stored in any computer equipment (hacking) of ITM Polycart, of its members or any other users of the Web Site.

In general, the provision of the services doesn't need the previous subscription or registration of the Users. Nevertheless, ITM Polycart conditions the use of some of the services to the previous fill out of the corresponding form of User Registry, and selecting the ID or login and the password that the user agrees to keep and use with due diligence.

ITM Polycart shall assign the selected ID by the User as long as it hasn't been previously selected by any other User. The use of the password is private and untransferable, not being allowed the release, not even temporarily, to third parties. Refering so, the User must take the necessary means for the custody of the password selected by him, avoiding it's use by third parties. Consequently, the User is the only responsible of the use that would be made of it's password, with full indemnity for ITM Polycart. In case the User has notice or suspects that such password is being used by a third party, shall advice ITM Polycart promptly of such issue.

The aforementioned registry shall be made through the expressly indicated manner by the service itself or at the Particular Conditions that, for each case, would rule.

All the information given by the User through the services must be truthful. For these purposes, the User guarantees the authenticity of all data given as a consequence of the fill out of a registry form needed to subscribe the services.

It will also be under the User's Responsibility to keep all the information given to ITM Polycart up to date so it corresponds, at any time, with the real situation of the User. In any case the User will be the only responsible of the false or inexact data given and of the harm it may cause to ITM Polycart or third parties.

According to the anti-spamming policy of ITM Polycart the User shall abstain from using and collect data from distribution lists to which it may access through the information and services given by the Web Site in order to perform activities with promotional or advertising objectives, as well as to send not previously consented commercial communications of any kind or by any means. The User that would breach intentionally or with guilt any of the above obligations shall respond of all the harm and damage it may cause.

Exclusion of Warranty and Liability.

Unless expressly described by the General Conditions of Use and the rest of the regulatory framework of the Web Site, ITM Polycart shall not be responsible for any damages or harms of any kind that may happen as a result of lack of accuracy, exhaustivity, up to date, as well as errors or omissions on the information or services included in this Web Site or other contents to which it would be able to access through this Web Site, nor it doesn't assume any duty or commitment to verify nor to keep watch its contents and informations.

As well ITM Polycart doesn't guarantee the availability, continuity nor infalibility of the performance of the Web Site, and consequently it excludes, in the maximum allowed by the current law, any liability against the harm and damage of any kind that may happen due to the lack of availability or continuity of the performance of the Web Site and the services available as well as of the errors accessing the different web pages of the Web Site or those where, in such case, the services are provided.

ITM Polycart excludes any liabiity for the damage and harm of any kind possibly caused by the services provided by third parties through this Web Site as well as by the means this third parties provide in order to manage the service request and, specifically, including, but not limited to: by acts of unfair competition and unlawful advertising as a consequence of the services provided by third parties through this Web Site, as well as the lack of truthfulness, accuracy, exhaustivity, defects, pertinence and/or update of the transmited, spread, stored, received, obtained, made available or accessible contents through the services provided by third parties at this Web Site.

Droit applicable.

Les Conditions Générales d'Utilisation et d'autres conditions légales du site Web sont régies dans chacun de ses extrémités par la loi espagnole.

Texte original.

Le texte espagnol du présent avis juridique est le texte original.